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Inspiring heroes one page at a time!

Introducing Storysuits – an innovative way to get children excited about reading stories without the use of electronics.
Girl standing in storysuit and holding a book

We are gearing up for production soon! In the meantime, support us through our kickstarter campaign and win a free Storysuit and book combo.

The Book

Monkey Do Good is about a courageous rescuer saving her animal friends one by one.


No princesses, glitter or pink frills.

An adventure with courage and compassion.

Amazing non-digital watercolor images.

Hard cover book with heavy weight paper.

The Storysuit

Encourage your child to join the adventure with their own matching Storysuit.

Girl sitting in storysuit

Inspires play without batteries.

Awakens the hero in your reader.

Flame resistant fleece with steel snaps.

Standard industry sizes: 2T, 3T and 4T.